This is a friendly reminder....School doors open at 7:35 for students to enter. Students need to be in their classroom by 7:50 to not be counted as tardy. Thank you. Have a great weekend.
about 8 hours ago, Chris Hall
9/30, Varsity football travels to Cole Camp tonight for a 7:00PM game. Showtime for players is 3:45PM with a bis departure of 4:00PM. The school will provide transportation today for players with an early dismissal of 3:15PM.
about 12 hours ago, Randy Buss
PowerSchool Over the summer we switched student information systems. We are excited that we are finally at the point where we can provide you as parents with the ability to log into the system to check your students grades whenever you like. Today (9/28/2022), all students were given letters with the information their parents need to create an account. Students will recieve their login codes in the coming week and have this ability as well. If your child does not bring home a letter, please contact the school and we will get that information to you.
2 days ago, Annie Dillon
Mid-term progress reports were sent home with all K-12 students today, 9/27/22. Information will be sent home soon so parents know how to log into our new portal with PowerSchool.
3 days ago, Annie Dillon
9/26, Varsity Volleyball travels to Northeast Vernon County High School for a GVVC battle. Chilhowee (8-5) @ NEVC (9-1), 5:30PM. Varsity plays first, followed by JV. Bus departs at 3:20PM.
5 days ago, Randy Buss
9/26, JH and JV home football games tonight at Crest Ridge. JH plays at 5:00PM vs Lone Jack and JV at 6:45PM vs Sherwood. With no school in session, transportation to Crest Ridge is the responsibility of the parent/player for a 3:45PM showtime.
5 days ago, Randy Buss
Our sophomores will be taking the ASVAB assessment on Friday, September 30th. The test will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end about 11:00 a.m. The test results will be used to help students explore their strengths and career ideas.
7 days ago, Annie Dillon
9/23, Varsity football home game tonight at Crest Ridge versus Lone Jack. Game starts at 7:00PM, player showtime is 5:00PM. Parents are responsible for getting players to Crest Ridge for the scheduled showtime.
7 days ago, Randy Buss
9/23, Tonight is a GVVC conference Tri meet at Chilhowee with Sheldon and Bronaugh. Matches start at 5:00PM. Chilhowee plays at 5:00PM and 7:30PM.
7 days ago, Randy Buss
9/22, Tonight's Home JH Tri-Meet has been changed to a single match night versus Strasburg. Start time of 5:30PM remains the same. This is JH's season finale.
9 days ago, Randy Buss
Due to transportation issues, tonight, JH Volleyball will be transported to Ballard via the school van with a departure of 4:00pm. Varsity Volleyball will depart via the scheduled school bus with a departure of 5:00pm. JH match starts at 5:30pm, followed by Varsity at approx. 6:30pm.
10 days ago, Randy Buss
🏀 JH Girls Basketball 🏀 The first practice/conditioning for girls (Non-Volleyball Players) interested in JH Basketball is Thursday, Sept. 22nd from 4:30pm-5:00pm. Practice for all JH Girls is scheduled for Friday, Sept 23rd from 4:30pm-5:00pm. As a reminder, a valid and complete physical must be in place to participate prior to this Thursday. Any questions, please contact Coach Miller at 660-909-6536.
11 days ago, Randy Buss
Chilhowee School is looking for a highly motivated person to join the team. We are currently accepting applications for school cook. Please click the link provided which will take you to the school's support staff application. If interested, Please complete the application and return it to the District Office.
11 days ago, Chilhowee School
9/19, Chilhowee takes on Crest Ridge at home! JV will start at 5:30PM, followed by Varsity.
12 days ago, Randy Buss
9/19, Today, it is picture day at Crest Ridge for Football players. JH needs to be in place by 3:20PM and Varsity by 3:40PM. JH will then stay for their scheduled football game at 5:00PM. The JV game has been cancelled; however, Varsity/JV will practice after pictures. Since school is not in session, parents please arrange for players to be at Crest Ridge at the scheduled times.
12 days ago, Randy Buss
School will not be in session on Monday, September 19th. This is a Kindergarten - 6th grade learning club day for those who signed up for that.
14 days ago, Alana Rehn
9/16, Home football game tonight at Crest Ridge. Midway vs Crest Ridge. Game starts at 7:00PM. Parents are responsible for getting the players to Crest Ridge for a 5:00PM player showtime.
14 days ago, Randy Buss
9/16, Home Varsity Volleyball tonight! Lone Jack vs Chilhowee. Matches start at 4:30PM. JV will play first followed by Varsity.
14 days ago, Randy Buss
Junior High Volleyball: Friday leave time is 4:45 games at 6:15 and 7. Saturday leave time is 7:30 am. Games at approximately 9 and 10:30.
15 days ago, Alana Rehn
9/15, JH and Varsity volleyball travels to Miami (Amoret) tonight for a double header contest! JH starts at 5:30PM, followed by Varsity. Bus departs at 3:45PM.
16 days ago, Randy Buss