Chilhowee Early Childhood Center is opening in August 2021!  Please find the handbook and enrollment forms below. The program is designed to prepare  3 to 5 year old children for kindergarten. Currently, CHECC is enrolling children living within the Chilhowee School District whose 3rd birthday is before August 1st, 2021.


Registration Form:

Contract for Services:

*Copies of these documents will also be placed at The Chilhowee Hometown Store, The Chilhowee Post Office, and The Chilhowee MFA.

CHECC believes that all children grow and develop at their own pace and while it is important to ensure children are ready for kindergarten and for life experiences, we also feel they should not be hurried through childhood.  Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment where kids can simply be kids.  

What will my child learn?

1. School is a safe, great place to be
2. How to get along with peers
3. Language skills, including an awareness of sounds, vocabulary and self expression
4. An awareness of numbers and counting
5. Development of large and small muscles
6. Creative expression
7. Respect for themselves and others

How will my child learn?
1. Through play, using games, blocks, manipulatives
2. Teacher directed activities
3. Dramatic play, using puppets, the kitchen center and acting out simple stories
4. Music: singing, dancing, and rhythms
5. Stories
6. Outside play and exploration
7. Art activities: cutting, pasting, painting, drawing