The Chilhowee Board of Education met Wednesday night June 19, 2019 for the monthly meeting.  The meeting was held at 7:00 pm in the conference room.  The board as part of the consent agenda approved the district's membership as a Launch Program school.  The May financial information was shared by Mr. Marnholtz.  The district started May off with $1,158,897.92.  The receipts for the month were $133,169.10 with expenditures of $257,669.74.  The reserves after the end of May were $1,034,397.28.  

As part of the new business the board approved the following items to complete the fiscal year: 1.) submitting the Federal program final expenditure reports to close out the fiscal year and be able to receive final payments for all Federal programs.  2.) the payment of final payroll and bills to complete the fiscal year to allow the closing out of the fiscal year prior to the audit.  3.) accepting actual expenditures as the final budget for the fiscal year to allow the district to submit the Annual Secretary of the Board Report to the DESE.

The board heard the budget message for the 2019-2020 school year and the major changes to the budget.  The message included the personnel changes, the increases in salaries, as well as the anticipated increases in state funding due to the enrollment increase.  The budget is projecting utilizing additional capital project funds to resurface the cafeteria roof as well as other possible projects around the building.  The 2019-2020 budget is available to be viewed in the district office.  

The board was presented a Chromebook policy that would allow for the district to go to a 1:1 program for students.  The policy would allow for students in grades 9-12 to take home a Chromebook for use nightly.  To be able to take a Chromebook home the family would have to pay an insurance fee of $25.00 as a protection in-case of damage to the Chromebook.  If a student's family pays for the insurance the student would be able to keep the Chromebook upon graduating.  Upon reviewing the policy, the board approved the Chromebook program to start for the 2019-2020 school year.  

The board heard from Mr. Marnholtz and Mr. Murphy about the possibility of joining the Golden Valley Vernon County Conference.  This would allow us to be affiliated with a conference that would have 8 member schools.  The school currently plays all but one of the schools in basketball and would not be a huge change to the scheduling.  The board approved submitting a letter of interest to the GVVC for Chilhowee's inclusion in the conference.  

The board had approved the district seek proposal for custodial services.  The RFP was created and advertised.  There were 5 companies that requested the RFP.  Of the 5 companies, one sent in an estimate and one sent in a complete RFP for custodial services.  The proposal was for a $2700 initial fee and $3440 a month for nightly custodial services.  The board voted to not accept the Bid and will continue with our own custodial crew to clean the building.  

The board heard a proposal to operate a transportation route to Shawnee Mound to pickup a student so that she can attend HS in Chilhowee.  The student would be picked up in the morning and be transported back in the afternoon as part of the pickup of Career Center students at the junction.  The board approved the running of the route with the school van and paying for a driver to run the morning and afternoon route.  

The board held an executive session immediately following the regular session to discuss legal and personnel issues.